Sunday Best … wondering on by children sing rhymes of old and new, come together let’s seek and find, let’s build our den so we can hide… oh to be young again

mothers a plenty from near and far sang as they chore for fathers, for brothers toiling so hard, fortune and good faith to grow food for them plates

summertime adventures, fishing for carp, dressing up for dinners they take to out back in the old courtyard , bless us lord give grace and thanks, appreciate the food from crop to plate, satisfied and if not a little full, it’s times like these i wish for the most ,no internet, no mobiles, apps or techno games, a by gone era from where we once came,good neighbours and not so too, a community very much respected and a pecking order to

head scarfs and ponchos the ladies did dress, for comfort and convenience but not to impress, caps and overcoats could often be seen bobbing in and out of sight, making sly bets but if the wife asked you never did see…

Sunday best as it was back then, spruce up clean, spick and span, breakfast came…bacon and eggs all consumed with a loaf bread, A ritual walk along the Bridgewater canal, take in the view, a warm greeting, a nod, a smile, a hello, these are the times i wish for most, going home to me mums cooked roast…….? yes Sunday Best we ate like kings not to mention the salad for tea.

namaste 🙏💡🙌


footprints in the snow

seasons came and left there mark

winter brought the ice and snow

following the imprints of the soles of your shoes ….

i d follow their lead to make myself feel safe

not really knowing if you would be here today

hoping you’re footprints would show me the way

you’re presence your smell my mum my world

please god don’t let her be safe

why would she leave you ? i hear you ask, your mum really loves you her daughter, her life,

there comes a time when you plates so full

it’s everything, a balancing act that not many overcome

winter snow was my friend it gave me clues if you weren’t around,checking the wardrobe then next the chest, have you packed up and left?

into the airing cupboard i would thrall, to see if there was anything in there of yours

leaving me behind i presume you thought it best

but i’m here to tell you now

it only helped me surpress

surpress the abuse the terror the fright

of hearing you take a hiding at night

the shattered dreams,the wetting the bed, the murder i planned within my suppressed head,

unlock the tool box ready to go

a hammer was my first choice it’s frightening i know

so bloody young 8 at best living in fear and under duress

no opinions no family talks to fix the problems that were tearing us apart

school prayers my favourite one, to pray for a divorce, to set us free

free from the violence and heartbreaking sounds

that blood curdling voice of your mum in the background

begging for peace and grace

so to walk away after all we have been through

was probably the most hardest thing i will ever have to do

i needed protection i needed help

i needed peace from the self harm as well

you never noticed or when you did

you’re way of coping was to embarrass me

to show me my faults my scars my wet bed

but it never helped me i just surpress day in my head

today i here and no thanks to you, nearly 3 years now the relief is real, no peer pressure no you know best

no talking about no judgements no more

alls i ever wanted was the truth and peace of mind

but instead you have turned your back and are in complete denial

Namaste 🙏💡🙌


Our journey here upon the earth is our one shot to live a life we can look back on with satisfaction. An opportunity to explore your mind body and soul.
There are no limits only endless possibilities, to grow from your past experiences, digest your thought process, learn to love yourself, projection, can you be strong, open, with real emphasis on your positive energy and how it affects you and those around you.
MH in all its spectrums is no stranger to mankind, it really doesn’t favour any race, sex or creed, it simply is everyone, everything, the air that we breath. Open up, talk to people don’t hide away, don’t peer out at your lifes window watching it pass you by, only in another decade to regret and resent your very existence

Namaste 🙏💡🙌